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With more than 20 years of experience and the constant pursuit of perfection Pasticceria Pavesi is the natural choice for those who seek the attention we put to both aesthetic and taste, in every single dessert we make, being it a simple cream puff or a wedding cake.

Pasticceria Pavesi was born in 2009 thanks to Stefano Pavesi’s thirty years of experience, and the help of his marvellous staff.

Our flagship products are the croissants we distribute to the best cafés, and the customized cakes for events that led our company to be renowned both in Piedmont and within the nearby regions.

In our shop located in Ponderano, via dei Fiori 1, you will find any kind of fresh pastry and cakes, as well as sweet and salty baked goods.

As renowned pastry chefs in Biella our ambition is to keep maintaining top quality standards, starting from the very research of our raw materials. This is how we constantly offer our customers a product that is both tasty and healthy, an especially important combination these days.
Stefano Pavesi Pasticceria Biella


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